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About Us

Tappter is a tool that allows people to establish and maintain one of life’s key enablers for happiness and fulfilment. 



Keith Banwaitt


We founded Tappter in the Spring of 2016. At the time, we had an embryo of an idea, but we didn’t really know how it was going to come together in practice. 

We set out with a purpose. We knew that our idea could shake things up if done in the right way, and we were excited by the prospect of not only creating something successful, but something meaningful.   

In the time that followed, news stories broke around the negative impacts of social media platforms – we saw this as a further opportunity to strengthen some of our core beliefs and concepts, and an opportunity to try and provide people with something a little different.     

At this stage, it became clear that our underlying concept was all about Relationships.

If you ask people about the single most important thing to them, most would say it’s “great relationships”. Because, whilst money can certainly make things more comfortable, it doesn’t bring happiness if you don’t have the right people to share it with. 

And relationships aren’t about how many connections you have. It’s about a deeper level of connection, with friends, family, colleagues and even your favourite businesses.


For us, Tappter isn’t just a data business. It’s a tool that allows people to establish and maintain one of life’s key enablers for happiness and fulfilment. 

We call that “Great Love. Great Business”, and it’s what drives and motivates us to do what we do.     

Our Vision

The creation of the internet and the introduction of social media platforms changed the world. 

People wanted to feel more connected, and this technology made it happen. 

Fast forward 10-15 years, and we’re increasingly hearing about issues with the internet, where big businesses are making huge sums of money from other people’s data, and many users are experiencing negative impacts on their mental health. 

Whilst it’s clear that we all need connection with others, at Tappter, we believe in a philosophy that acknowledges a need for a better quality of connection; Relationships.

In the coming years, our vision is to establish a digital home where you can meet, connect and interact with others, but in a deeper and more authentic way. Because, when you show more of your authentic self, you are more likely to create lifelong relationships that bring you true fulfilment and happiness.


The Next Phase of Targeted Marketing


We also see an opportunity to create simple yet powerful tools that empower you to take control of your personal data (your own Digital ID), and start making money from it too!  

Internet search engines and social media platforms have taken significant leaps forward in providing targeted advertising that’s relevant for you. But it’s still not 100% effective, because they predominantly only use a subset of the data that’s about you – the data they collect when you use their specific platform. What’s more, ads and banners can be pretty annoying, right?

Our vision is one where you’d have the option to receive highly relevant information and marketing based upon a single source of your data, your Tappter Digital ID, but at your total discretion. You’d also be able to link other data sources to it which may also be under your control, eg. a digital bank account, external calendars and more.  


Moving home? No problem. Update your Tappter persona, and all of your utilities providers, favourite businesses, and all of your personal contacts would be updated automatically. The system could also provide quotes for setting up new utilities services, as well as show you the latest offers for furniture in your favourite styles. 


And that's just one scenario! 


The opportunity would be endless.    



Connections are nice. Great Relationships create the foundation for a fulfilled life.



Revolutionise how your customer data is maintained and build lifelong customer relationships.  



The easier way for your tribe to network and engage with confidence. 

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