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The key foundation for creating lifelong relationships has nothing to do with technology! 

It all starts with being truly comfortable in your own skin. When you start to show your true self and live from an authentic place, you will attract people that are most suited to you, and create lifelong relationships that provide genuine fulfilment – simple!

That’s why our commitment to authenticity doesn’t stop with our technology. We’ve teamed up with a close friend, Yaron Engler from UpBeat Performance, to create Maximise Your Potential Events #MYP. 

They run on a regular basis and offer you an opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers and coaches, which in turn could help you maximise your own potential.

Realising your potential would be down to you, you have to walk the walk. We’re just here to help maximise how far you can go!


Photo: Matt Hussey

Our Upcoming Events

  • Thu, 26 Sept
    5th Floor, Regents House
    Maximise Your Potential (MYP) is a new series of events brought to you by Yaron Engler (Upbeat Performance) and Keith Banwaitt (Tappter).

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