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Check out our FAQs below. If these don’t answer your questions, please get in touch via our social pages and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1 What is a master number?

When you create an account, you register with a mobile number. By default, the number you register with becomes your master number. Your master number is the number that you use to login to your account, and it is the number that you can use to login on multiple devices.

1.2. Can I change my master number?

Yes. Go to Settings, click on Account, then click Edit in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then click on Master Number. 

1.3. It says my mobile number has already been registered, what should I do?

Just click login and you will be sent a confirmation code to authenticate your number and gain access to your account.   

1.4. What is my Tappter Name?

When you create an account, you enter a First Name and Last Name as part of the registration process. This becomes your Tappter Name and it's the name that all of your Tappter contacts will see in their Tappter contacts list.   

1.5. Can I change my Name?

Yes. Go to Settings, click on Account, then click Edit in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then click on Name. 

2. Contacts

2.1. What does “Help Me Connect” mean and how does it work?

As Tappter is private, you can not search for people and sync with them in the same way you send a connection request on social media platforms. To help you connect with people you already know, we import contacts from your phone. We then see whether any of these contacts are Tappter users and if they have imported contact information about you. If there is a match, we send you both a notification asking whether you would like to connect with each other. Don’t worry, importing contacts into Tappter does not affect the contacts on your phone.

2.2. Why do my contacts have different icons / pictures next to them?

  • Contacts with a grey icon means they have been imported from your phone. Click to invite them to join Tappter and connect with you.

  • Contacts with a timer are contacts you have invited to join Tappter, or someone you have sent a connection request to.

  • Contacts with a handshake or profile picture are your live Tappter contacts.

2.3. Can I see who my contacts are by persona?

Yes. Click on “Filter”, then click on one of your persona names. 

2.4. I’m not good at remembering names, can I see who I connected with most recently?

Yes. Click on “Sort”, then click on Date Added. Hopefully the other person has uploaded a profile picture and you remember their face! 

2.5. Why does it say someone’s mobile number or email address has not been validated?

For data security reasons, we require all mobile numbers and email addresses to be validated before this information can be shared. Your contact will need to validate this information for you to be able to view it.

3. My Personas

3.1 What are personas?

These represent the different personas you adopt on your life, and they contain the relevant contact details for each. You can create as many personas as you need for personal or work use. For example, if you work two jobs, you could create two separate personas for each job.

3.2. What’s the difference between a Personal persona and a Work persona?

Each one has a different set of fields that you can fill in. For example, your work persona includes Company Name and Job Title.

3.3. How do I change the type of one of my personas?

You can change the persona type when you add a new persona or edit an existing one. Click on “Add New Persona” or “Edit” in the My Personas screen, then click the button next to “Persona Type” to toggle between Personal and Work.

3.4. What if I only want to share a sub-set of my contact details with certain people?

You can create as many personas as you need and change the amount of information you store in each one. For example, you could have one personal persona which contains all information that you share with family and close friends, and a second personal persona which contains only your mobile number or email address.

3.5. Why do I have to validate my mobile number or email address?

As a data security measure, we ask you to validate any mobile number or email address that you want to share as part of your persona. You can still connect with another Tappter user using a persona that contains un-validated information, but the other person will only be able to see these details once you have validated them.

3.6. What does “Default” persona mean?

You can choose which one of your profiles is your “Default” profile. When you are in the Connect screen, this persona will be selected by default.

4. Connect

 4.1. What should I do in this screen?

We have created an animated tutorial for the Connect screen. Click “Help” in the top left hand corner of the screen, or go to “Settings” and click on “Tutorials”.

4.2. What does “Default” persona mean?

See question 3.6 above.  

5. Network

 5.1. What are Communities? 

A Community is a private group where you can network with other members of that Community. 

5.2. How can I join a Community?

To join a Community, you need a 6-digit security code which will be provided by the Community organiser. 


5.3 Can I create my own Community?

Yes! Tap "Create A Community" and follow the on screen instructions. 

5.4 Can I search for Communities?

Afraid not. They are private Communities, and you will need to be invited to join them in person. You will then be given a 6-digit security code to be able to join. 

5.5 What does Networking Information mean?

This is the information that will be visible to other community members once you've joined the Community. 

5.6 How can I edit Networking Information?

You can update or create networking information by editing the persona it relates to. Just go to My Personas, select the persona you want to edit, and scroll down to where it shows Networking Information. 

5.7 How can I connect with someone I've seen in a Community?

Just tap the handshake button at the bottom of their card. 

5.8 Can I message someone I've seen in a Community?

Yes. Just tap the message button at the bottom of their card.

5.9 How do I tag another Community member as a Favourite, and will they know?

Just tap the star button at the bottom of their card. They will not know you've tagged them as a favourite.

5.10 How can I search for people with specific skills or things they are looking for?

Simple. Just use the search bar at the top of the screen. This will scan the My Thing and Looking For fields. 



6. Social

6.1. Who will see a story that I post to a channel by Persona? 

Other Tappter users that you have connected with using that persona. To view who these connections are, tap on the channel from the Social Channels page, and go to Settings in the top right of your screen.

6.2. Who will see a story that I post to a Group?

All members of that Group. To view who these users are, tap on the channel from the Social Channels page, and go to Settings in the top right of your screen.

6.3 How long will people see my stories for?

Your stories are live for 7 days. After this, only you can view them in your Archive. 


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