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Messaging For Life's Most Important 


Tappter is a secure omni-channel messaging platform that keeps your business, partners and customers connected.


Allow your team to use a single interface to chat with customers and partners who have the choice of whatsapp, sms, email or the Tappter web/mobile apps.


Seamless integration with your CRM for super fast setup and to avoid double keying of information.

Compliance and Continuity:

Stop allowing personal messaging accounts being used for business. It breaks data protection laws and is a cyber security and business continuity risk. 


The Messaging Landscape.

Many businesses suffer from disjointed communications following the emergence of various tools that people use in their personal lives.

As a result, a new wave of data protection, cyber security and business continuity challenges exist. 

Tappter solves this by consolidating business communications whilst maintaining ease of use and convenience for the end customers.  

Powerful features just a tap away:


Create multiple messaging channels so you can put your customers in touch with the right people faster.


Assign teams to each channel to ensure staff absences don't result in messages going unnoticed.


Do third parties need to be looped in to communications with your customers? eg. a maintenance team or conveyancers.

Create third party messaging channels to loop them in using emails. They don't need a Tappter account and it doesn't disrupt their current ways of working.     

Universal Customer IDs

Secure access to verified customer ID and information for you and your partners - saving time for everyone involved.

Powered by 


Issue documents and tag specific customers to highlight the sections they need to complete or digitally sign.


The right channels, at the right time. 


Reach customers on whatsapp, sms or email whilst you're establishing a relationship with them. 


When the relationship is more advanced, invite them to use the Tappter web/mobile apps for enhanced features and to avoid transaction charges. 


Loop in third parties using email. They won't need a Tappter account and it doesn't disrupt their current ways of working.   

Tailored solutions for:

Estate Agents

Transform the way you manage communications between your teams, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and partners.

Automotive Retailers

Discover a simple, secure and more efficient way to help your sales and service teams communicate with customers.


Introduce innovative messaging technology into your business to build positive relationships with clients and candidates.

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