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Instant benefits from instant messaging

In our latest article, we examine the ways a simple and secure messaging platform can revolutionise customer and partner communications for estate agents.

Within any research or survey into the major challenges affecting the property sector, ‘poor communication’ features time and again.

Keeping all parties in the picture has long been a critical issue impacting customer satisfaction, damaging efficiency, and even impacting sales. It is one that has never been truly resolved.

Until now.

Advances in technology mean that a new type of professional messaging approach is emerging.

Agents will be able to embrace a secure instant messaging platform to enhance their communications with all key stakeholders in the buying and letting process.

For the business, they will be able to manage multiple conversations between branches, teams, customers and partners (including solicitors, financial services providers, maintenance teams, etc.) from one single platform.

Sharing sales or leasing documents and collecting digital signatures will become a simple and rapid process, eradicating frustrating delays.

They will be able to verify ID and onboard customers faster and access a fully auditable and transparent history of all communications.

From a customer perspective it means a single touch point to communicate with branches, teams and partners when it is most convenient for them.

They can sign, store and access important documents relating to their property and quickly search through previous conversations and shared media – removing much of the hassle and simplifying the administration that comes with moving home.

In short, and for a minimal investment, agents will take their communications and reputation to the next level.

Tappter is a pioneer in this field.

It has developed a platform that is the perfect fit for the property sector and brings all the above key benefits - meaning convenient and compliant communication is now only a 'tap' away.

Book a demo with our team today to see how you can use our simple and secure messaging platform to change the way you manage communications between your teams, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and partners.


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