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Tappter brings convenient and compliant communication to the property sector

Tappter’s simple and secure instant messaging platform is designed to change the way estate agents manage communications between teams, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and partners.

Professional Instant Messaging

The Tappter app and web portal combine to offer property businesses a professional instant messaging solution – eliminating the security and compliance risks of team members using personal messaging accounts for work purposes and opening up a range of features designed to enhance business performance.

Property businesses using Tappter gain access to an online dashboard where they can set up and manage multiple communications channels with complete transparency of all current and historical conversations.

Each element of the channel and user set up process can be tailored to align with specific business processes or structures – with options to create channels for properties, teams and partners such as maintenance teams or finance specialists.

Once users are set up on Tappter, property businesses and their customers can communicate via instant message. All messages and shared media are saved on the platform making them searchable by property businesses and their customers at any time.

Three specific features of note for property businesses include ID verification, document sharing/signing capability and Community Group management.

ID Verification

To support increased security, Tappter has partnered with Yoti – a global leader in digital ID services – to offer digital ID functionality from the outset. This solution uses facial recognition technology to ensure app users are providing genuine details, verified by government-issued ID.

This digital-first approach eliminates the need for any manual checking of hard copy documents.

Document Sharing/Signing

Another feature designed to enhance convenience is the digital document function.

By using Tappter to share sales or leasing documentation and collect digital signatures remotely – agents can see exactly when messages and documents have been seen and signed.

The process simplifies things for the customer too as they can review, authorise and store important documents using their mobile phone.

Community Groups

Building and managing groups on social media is a recognised marketing tool for agents but, the very fact these groups are on social media, means community managers don’t always have the control they would like over who or what is being posted.

With Tappter, property businesses can use the channel building functionality to design and manage their own communities in their own online space and on their own terms.

Instant Impact

Commenting on the launch, Tappter Co-Founder, Keith Banwaitt, said: “Tappter is a super simple messaging platform for life’s most important transactions.

“We believe it provides property businesses with a safe and secure way to tap into the instant messaging revolution. With Tappter, agents can prove they are putting the customer first - giving them an element of control in how and when they share messages and information.

“At the same time, we are also helping agents eliminate communication delays, improve compliance, enhance team performance, boost reputations and streamline costs.”

Book a demo with our team today to see how easy it is to make communication in your property business more convenient and compliant.


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