Privacy Policy (Mobile App)

When we first came up with the vision for Tappter in 2016, we decided to make privacy a key component of our service. We recognised that the way the internet had evolved meant that users privacy online was generally limited. Our goal is to empower individuals by transforming how personal information is shared, used and monetised.

In support of this goal, this Privacy Policy describes the information that we collect about you, how and where it's shared and used, and how you can remove or change it.

It also lets you know when you will be notified of any changes to this Privacy Policy.

Tappter will comply with the terms of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 as they apply to both Tappter and its services.

Information we collect

Release 1.3 of the Tappter app provides an efficient, secure and private way to share and manage contact information.


It also allows you to:

  • message other Tappter users via the platform 

  • share social stories with your Tappter connections; and

  • meet prospective new Tappter connections within private communities that you or other Tappter users can create on the platform 


The information we collect supports all of these functions. 

Registration: To register for the app, you will need to provide your First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number

Personas: Once registered, you will have the option of creating multiple Personas (Profiles) for personal or work purposes. The information that you will be able to store under each persona type is as follows:

Personal Persona

  • Profile Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Land Line

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Profile Picture

  • Significant Dates (eg. a child's birthday)

  • Networking Information

  • Links to Social Media pages

Work Persona

  • Profile Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Website Address

  • Email Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Land Line

  • Address

  • Profile Picture

  • Networking Information 

  • Links to Social Media pages

Messaging: You will have the option of sending text only messages to other Tappter users via the platform.

Social Interactions: You will have the option of creating and storing social stories that comprise of text and / or pictures.  

Social Groups: You will have the option of creating private social groups comprising of you and any of your Tappter connections that you select to be part of the group. You will have the option of storing a Group Name and Group Profile Picture for each Group you create. 

Networking Communities: You will be able to create private networking Communities that you can invite other Tappter users to join. You will have the option of storing a Community Name, Community Description, and Community Profile Picture for each Community you create. 

Importing Contact Information

As our service is built upon privacy, you will not be able to search and connect with users you do not already have a Tappter relationship with.

To make it easier for you to establish Tappter relationships with people you know, you will have the option of importing contacts from the native contacts application on your device. This then enables a "contacts matching" feature as outlined under "How your information is shared and used".

Manual Connections

To support our Manual Connection process (see "How your information is shared and used" for further details), you will have the option of manually entering an individual's mobile number or email address and their First Name and Last Name.

This information is treated in a similar way as imported contact information.

How your information is shared and used

Persona Information: You will have the option to share your persona information with other Tappter users using our "Connect" processes. You will have full control over when your data is shared and what data people can view on an individual basis.

Once you have provided access to your information, the other user will only be able to view it in their Tappter application. They will not be able to export it or share it with anyone else.

You will be able to revoke access to your information at any time.

Except as set out below (Third Party Processors), your persona information will not be used for any other purpose or be shared with any third party.

Imported Contact Information: Any contact information imported from your device will not be shared or used by other Tappter users or third parties.

We use this information purely to help you to establish Tappter relationships with other users in the absence of being able to search for those users publicly.

When you and another user import matching contact information for each other, we will let you know to give you the choice to establish a Tappter relationship with that person.

We will let the other user know your First Name and Last Name in support of this. No further information will be accessible until you provide further consent.

You will also be able to send invitations to download Tappter to your imported contacts using the mobile number or email address you have imported for them. Only your First Name and Last Name will be viewable within these email or text messages.

Manual Connections: Any information you have entered using our Manual Connection process will only be viewable by you in your Tappter app. It will not be shared or used by other Tappter users or third parties.

The feature is predominantly required if you would like to share profile information with a user who has not yet downloaded Tappter. As such, the information is used to send an email or text message to invite that user to join Tappter and gain access to your profile information via our platform. Only your First Name and Last Name will be viewable within these messages.

A Manual Connection can also be used if you want to establish a Tappter relationship with a Tappter user who is in a different location to you. All messages relating to this process are sent as notifications to each of you within the Tappter application.

Messages: Any messages you send via Tappter are sent on a one-to-one basis with other Tappter users. Only you and that person can view the messages you exchange with each other. The messages and data is not used for anything else. 


Social Stories: When you create a social story, you will have the option to select who can view that story using simple controls within the Tappter app. Those people will be able to view and interact with your Story for a period of 7 days only. You will be able to view all of your stories indefinitely within your own personal archive.

Anonymous Taps: You will have the option to "Tap" stories posted by other Tappter users, to let the creator of the story know you have seen it. The Tap is anonymous except to the creator of the story, who will be able to see when you made the tap, your name and your persona picture. The creator will be able to see this record indefinitely as part of their own stories archive.

Comments: You will have the option to make comments on stories posted by yourself or other Tappter users. The following points describe who will be able to read your comments: 


  • If a Story has been posted to a Persona channel, only your direct Tappter connections will be able to see your comments.    

  • If a Story has been posted to a Group channel, all members of the Group will be able to see your comments, even if they are not one of your Tappter connections.  

All of the information stored by us as part of the social interaction feature is not used for anything other than outlined above.  

Networking Information: When you join a private Networking Community within Tappter, you must select a set of Networking Information that you wish to be visible to other Community members. This will include what your skills are, what you are looking for, as well as other introductory information about yourself. Community members will use this information to decide whether they would like to be formally connected with you. None of your other Persona information will be visible to them until you have both mutually consented to connect on the platform. 

This Networking Information is stored within your respective Persona, and is not used for anything else.   

Third Party Processors:

Anonymous Data Analytics: When you use the Tappter application, analytics data will be generated and stored by a third party called Mixpanel (, who provide data analytics services for a range of technology companies globally. This data will show us when you used the Tappter service and which pages or buttons you have clicked on. The data transferred to Mixpanel will be totally anonymous. Your IP address, for example, will not be shared.

As part of this analytics data, we will also record what device and operating system you have used.

Please note, whilst Mixpanel provides this analytics service Tappter is still regarded as the Data Controller and Mixpanel is processing data on our behalf.  Tappter will only use the reports from the analysis for the purpose of enhancing and improving the Tappter application and will not use or share the reports with a third party for any other purpose.  Please raise any feedback regarding the use of this anonymised data using the Feedback form within your Tappter application.

Third party webservices. We use Amazon Web Services to store your data and to process that data on our behalf. Our contract with Amazon Web Services, ensures that the data protection obligations set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (as they apply to the service) are complied with by Amazon Web Services.ßYou give your consent to allowing us to engage an alternative data processor, in the form of a web services or cloud computing provider, who will provide the same services.If we decide to make such change, we will inform you of such change.

Export.We will not export your data outside of the EU without your permission.

How you can remove or correct your data

Persona Information (including Networking Information): You will be able to revoke access to any persona information that you have entered into the Tappter application on an individual basis (or on a Community basis for Networking Information) at any time. 

When you revoke access to your data from someone who has imported contact information about you from their device, only the imported information will remain viewable within their Tappter application in the same way it will continue to be viewable within their native contacts application.

Deleting your account: You will have the option to delete your account. This will remove all information imported or entered by you into the Tappter application, in full. This includes any messages or social stories. Your data will not be retrievable once your account has been deleted.

Amending data: You will be able to amend any persona information at any time through the app.

Anonymous Data Analytics: We will continue to hold the data analytics that were generated as you used the Tappter application. As mentioned above, this data is totally anonymous and it will only be used by us to help us improve our service.


We employ security measures to protect your data from access by unauthorised persons and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We will notify you before we make changes to this policy and give you the opportunity to review and agree these changes before continuing to use our service.